Our Business

Bryce Wrotham provides recruitment and headhunting solutions to businesses across a range of market segments including aviation, fintech, finance and technology. Our aim is to be a leading source of key human capital for our customer’s ranging from entry level roles to discreet headhunting of c-suite executives.


Bryce Wrotham is a leading source of staffing solutions for sales professionals in the aviation market. We have vital relationships with both businesses and key talent from across the sector. Trusted to provide discreet headhunting and recruitment solutions of staff ranging from senior managers to early stage professionals. We have a reputation for finding the appropriate candidates quickly and exceeding our customer’s expectations.

Media & Publishing

Providing recruitment and headhunting solutions for sales professionals within the media and publishing industry. Bryce Wrotham has solid relationships with key businesses within the sector, including leading newspapers and broadcast media companies. We also help organisations to scale up their teams and to find the right personnel to achieve growth targets. Bryce Wrotham is a key link for both talent and firms with the ability to reliably deliver on their priorities.


Bryce Wrotham is a leading source for the recruitment of key sales staff in the finance sector. We source for a range of professional roles ranging from entry level to c-suite executives. We are a trusted partner for both key personnel and companies with a reputation for ensuring we always meet customer’s expectations quickly.


Provides vital staffing services to businesses at the forefront of the technology sector as well as to traditional financial services institutions in London and Europe. Our team of experts are versed in recruiting for projects and products involving permanent and contract functions. We specialise in recruiting for a range of positions from entry level to senior managers. Expertise in recruiting: DevOps, Cyber Security, Data, Infrastructure, Networking, Cloud, Technical Consulting, Architecture, Support, Testing/QA and Technical Writing.